Thème Yeux

The-Not-So-Penetrating Look

What is the role of eyes in icons? Do they have theological significance or just a matter of style and piety? This study wants to show that, like in human relationships, the eyes in icons allows us to enter into communion with the person represented. If the look is not one-to-one, eye-to-eye, the communion is greatly diminished.

The Image of God the Father in Orthodox Theology and Iconography and Other Studies

This book presents eight studies that help the reader to understand icons: The Image of God the Father, Canons on Iconography, The Not-So-Penetrating Look, Death in Orthodox Iconography, Allegorical Personification in Orthodox Iconography, Who Can, Should Paint Icons?, Iconography and St. Gregory Palamas, "Man as the Image of God" in St. Gregory of Nyssa and in Orthodox Iconography.