Thème Mort

Death And Orthodox Iconography

In the Orthodox Church, iconography holds a central and important place, both visually and theologically. Icons are not merely decorations or pictorial teaching aids. They do serve these purposes, but their fundamental reason for being is to bear witness, in an artistic manner, to the Church’s beliefs. They are a reflection of the life in Christ as lived in the Church. We should expect, therefore, to receive from iconography that which is witnessed to and preached by other means, such as Scripture, liturgical texts, dogmatic statements, and the writings of the Fathers.

Death in Orthodox Iconography

How is death, dying people and the dead shown in Orthodox icons? Icons show people and events, not in the light of this world, but in the Light of the Kingdom of God. The phenomenon of human death takes on a different look when seen in the eschatological Light of the Heavenly Jerusalem.

The Image of God the Father in Orthodox Theology and Iconography and Other Studies

This book presents eight studies that help the reader to understand icons: The Image of God the Father, Canons on Iconography, The Not-So-Penetrating Look, Death in Orthodox Iconography, Allegorical Personification in Orthodox Iconography, Who Can, Should Paint Icons?, Iconography and St. Gregory Palamas, "Man as the Image of God" in St. Gregory of Nyssa and in Orthodox Iconography.